How we Work

We understand that every client is different. CCS works closely with each law firm to create a bespoke solution for their needs.

Initial meeting

We will arrange to visit you with  our panel of independent experts to determine your requirements and gain an understanding of your business.


We prepare a bespoke proposal based on the knowledge gained  from our initial briefing, this is tailored to your specific requirements.

Account manager

Once the strategy and products are agreed, we appoint an account manager who will co-ordinate all elements of the process for you.

We submit claims

Fully validated claims are packaged and submitted to you in the prescribed format. The client will provide a monthly report on the cases that have been processed.

Our Values


Everything we do centres on providing services of the highest level of quality.  We offer an unparalleled level of support that will enable you to maximise your productivity in this sector.


We are clear in our values, our delivery is concise and explains the exact nature of the commitment you are embarking on, ensuring a definitive understanding of the selected products.


By understanding the the unique needs of our clients and the abilities of our partnered specialist law firms, we provide innovative solutions for the entire claims litigation process.

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