Who are CCS ?
Consolidated Capital Solutions are a boutique agency who bring together market leaders in their field to assist law firms with:

  • Claim generation
  • Expert Witness reports
  • ATE insurance
  • Funding

We introduce independent companies to provide these services, then manage the processes and relationships to ensure maximum success for our clients.

What do CCS do differently?
We bring together the very best partners in order to provide our clients with a complete turnkey solution to claims management. Never before has an agency like ours, sourced and introduced all the component parts together in one package, enabling claims to be created, reported, insured and funded.
Why should we work with you?
We aim to transform the claims litigation market and to position ourselves at the forefront of the sector. We provide tailored solutions for each individual client, by introducing them to our market leading partners in their respective fields. We are judged on how we perform and our sole aim is to ensure that we deliver on the requirements for each and every client.
Are there any up front fees to be paid?
This is dependent on which solutions you opt to take on. For example, a fully validated claim plus P35 report for a claim for the “Miscalculated Mortgages” sector will cost £4000 plus VAT.

ATE policies can cost between £1000 and £4000 depending on claim area they are in.

Will we have a dedicated point of contact?
Every CCS client has a dedicated account manager, whose job is to develop the client relationship and to deliver outstanding customer service.
How can we assist your claims litigation process?
We work directly with each client to understand your exact requirements. We can then evaluate and provide a bespoke solution for your needs. This solution can be adaptable and interchangeable depending on your aims and targets.
Who would require our services?
Law firms
Litigation funders
Claims Management companies
Insurance companies
Do we have to accept all claims submitted?
We fully appreciate that legal firms have a wide range of expertise across a variety of sectors, therefore your account manager will discuss and agree the most suitable claims to provide you with.
What regulations are required to operate our business?
None, however the partners we introduce to you will often be regulated in their own sectors.
How do we start working with you?
Simple, just send us an email on info@consolidatedcapitalsolutions.co.uk and one of our account managers will contact you to arrange an appointment

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