Specialists in turnkey solutions for claims litigation

Professional litigation consulting

Achieving success through experience and expertise

Legal Claims

We can provide an ongoing supply of fully validated claims, accompanied by independent witness reports.

ATE Insurance

We introduce our partners to industry specialist “After the event” (ATE) insurance policies tailored to your requirements.

Litigation Funding

We can introduce our clients to a host of litigation funding solutions, which can provide strategic capital to process claims.

Providing law firms with the complete solution to claims litigation.

Our Values


Everything we do centres on providing services of the highest level of quality.  We offer an unparalleled level of support that will enable you to maximise your productivity in this sector.


We are clear in our values, our delivery is concise and explains the exact nature of the commitment you are embarking on, ensuring a definitive understanding of the selected products.


By understanding the the unique needs of our clients and the abilities of our partnered specialist law firms, we provide innovative solutions for the entire claims litigation process.

How we Work

We understand that every client is different. CCS works closely with each law firm to create a bespoke solution for their needs.


Who are CCS ?
Consolidated Capital Solutions are a boutique agency who bring together market leaders in their field to assist law firms with:

  • Claim generation
  • Expert Witness reports
  • ATE insurance
  • Funding

We introduce independent companies to provide these services, then manage the processes and relationships to ensure maximum success for our clients.

What do CCS do differently?
We bring together the very best partners in order to provide our clients with a complete turnkey solution to claims management. Never before has an agency like ours, sourced and introduced all the component parts together in one package, enabling claims to be created, reported, insured and funded.
Why should we work with you?
We aim to transform the claims litigation market and to position ourselves at the forefront of the sector. We provide tailored solutions for each individual client, by introducing them to our market leading partners in their respective fields. We are judged on how we perform and our sole aim is to ensure that we deliver on the requirements for each and every client.

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